LIVE KITTEN CAM! Feral Mama Cat *Just* Gave Birth to SIX Newborn KITTENS!!

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Learn Mama Cat’s story and find out how to help at:

Mama Cat is a very feral cat that we have been trying to catch for over two years. She has had numerous litters of kittens in a sewer drain near a busy street. We caught all of the kittens, but were unsuccessful in catching Mama until 5/31/17! We took her to the vet to get spayed, but luckily paid for an x-ray first because Mama Cat is pregnant with at least FIVE kittens!

We could really use your help in spreading the word about Mama Cat and any donation you could give will help Mama Cat out greatly! Even $1 will buy Mama Cat a new toy to make her transition easier!

See pictures of her previous kittens, read her story, and donate to help here:

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