Foster kittens 4/10/17

One of Pru’s kittens (who constantly has to crawl on my lap) and the Three 2 week old kittens some good Samaritan heard then found, no mommy cat in sight for over 24 hours. Poor things were starving. Paws of Hope took them on and off to PetCo we went for formula and bottles. I just happened to have a nursing mommy kitten that was gracious enough to allow them to nurse and stimulate their bowel movements. I still bottle feed sometimes. Pru was just barley over a year old when she had this litter. She was dropped off to me with no fur from her shoulders back along with a few other medical issues. Amazingly enough she treats these two week olds like her own. Paws of Hope is going to get these precious two week old kittens into amazing new homes. A private rescuer, Kyli, is getting Pru and her 4 kittens furever homes. #BeautifulTiming #GodsCreatures #BleedingHeartsForAnimals


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