Tiny Black Kitten Born With 2 Faces

This kitten was born with 2 faces and has survived thanks to her ‘dad,’ a veterinarian Dr. Ralph Tran. Fortunately, Tran has plenty of experience caring for neonatal kittens.
Duo is almost 5 months and has a rare birth defect called diprosopus, which means she was born with one body and one head, but two faces. Both her mouths meow separately and her noses are both functional. 

The kitten’s mom rejected her when she was born, so humans had to intervene to keep her alive.

Duo is about half the size of a normal kitten her age. Because of her special needs, it’s taken longer than usual for her to learn typical kitten behavior, like how to walk, play, eat, and go to the bathroom without assistance.

Duo has battled multiple infections and her central eye is frequently irritated.

Tran plans to surgically remove Duo’s central eye, which doesn’t 

Many kittens born with diprosopus don’t live more than a few days. The oldest surviving cat with diprosopus, Frank and Louie, lived to 15 years.

Tran isn’t exactly sure what the future holds for Duo, but she’s safe, loved and with exactly the right person to meet her needs

Tran runs a Facebook page called ‘Duo the two-faced cat,’ where he posts photos, videos and updates. (PEOPLE)


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