Hungry Stray kittens|Kitten hiding inside the car frame|배고픈 길 잃은 새끼 고양이|空腹の迷子猫

This morning while im feeding the outdoor cats someone came over to our yard..Two little kittens they look very hungry.The other one has eye infection and the other one looks fine.I tried to pet the gray kitten to fix the eyes but the kitten runaway underneath the car.When i follows the kitten went up to the car frame.It take so long we waited the kitten to come down but we failed..Until the car owner helped us to get the kitten and put in the carrier.Then i gave food to the kitten while the kitten eating i petted and grab it then i put some eyedrops to the eyes.Now both of them are in our yard..

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Lingling Boy =Neutered
Langlang Boy=Neutered
Mingming Girl=Coming soon
Liam Boy= New kitten family member
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