5-day-old kitten Woodstock gets a serum transfusion –

UPDATE 8:09am: Woodstock has had his final transfusion and is doing well! I’m feeding him and Pigpen every 2-3 hours around the clock, and we will continue to take things hour by hour.

Our first ever neonatal serum transfusion is underway! ⁣

We suspect that among other things, Woodstock and Pigpen had failure of passive transfer because they did not get any of their mom’s colostrum. We are using blood donated by two superhero adult donor cats today to create serum, which will be transfused into Woodstock as an immunoglobulin supplement in hopes it will help him survive. ⁣

In case you missed it, Woodstock and his brother Pigpen came to us the night of July 4th, ice cold and just hours old. They had been fed cow’s milk with a syringe, which while well-intentioned, almost killed them. We warmed them and started feeding them, and over the next 36 hours we became guardedly optimistic. ⁣

Then Woodstock crashed over the weekend, and spent most of yesterday straddling the line between life and death. I have never seen a neonatal kitten come back after fading so far, but last night something turned the tides for him, and he started to slowly come back to life. ⁣

In the meantime, the fabulous Dr. F of Mountain View Veterinary Hospital was up late researching how to perform the serum transfusion, and I was blood typing my cats in between tube feedings to see who could be a potential donor. TinyTuxies Pantsaroo and Bartlett were matches, and got some happy drugs and lots of love and treats in exchange for their service. You can see Pantsaroo making biscuits and enjoying some petting whilst he donates.

We took about 30ml of blood from the adult cats and made the serum, which will be injected 5ml (gulp!) at a time subcutaneously every 8 hours for the next 24 hours. The first 5ml transfusion is complete, so now we just keep waiting, continue round-the-clock supportive care, and give his next two transfusions around 9pm and 5am. ⁣

Woodstock isn’t out of the woods yet by any means, but he has rallied enough to give us hope that we may have another #MiracleKitten on our hands… ⁣

Stay tuned for updates!⁣

And PLEASE spay and neuter!!!⁣

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