ASMR with Friends! (ft. Gibi ASMR, ASMR Darling, Seafoam Kitten & Matty Tingles)

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Getting to work with these ASMRists was such a dream, I really can’t even begin to tell you. We were all brought together to work on an amazing project, Reese the Movie (check the trailer here- right here in Toronto where I live! Making the movie was an experience unlike any I’ve ever had before. Doing an ASMR project on such a huge scale, with sets and a huge crew… just amazing. I’m so grateful to be a part of it. I’m a smaller creator, but to get to be a part of the project and represent ASMR, Canadians and LGBTQ+ creators was so humbling and special. Thank you Reese for bringing us all together!! We were shooting 13-15 hours a day for the movie and then coming back to our hotel and filming collab videos until early in the morning, just to wake up a few hours later. We wanted to cram it all in and let me tell you, I slept for like a solid 3 days after we wrapped!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
All in all, such an intense work period really made me feel so bonded with these folks. It felt like when you’re in a theatre production in high school, brought together by a uniting force and working hard to create the best thing you can… we shared so much time in such a short period and I’ll never forget the fun we had. Forever thinking about our makeshift karaoke during lunches with craft service πŸ’— …. also, shout out to the Star Trek magazine in this video, which I somehow left behind at the hotel and have been whining about losing for over three months lmaooo

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