Stanley sent us a new litter of kittens who need help –

We have just picked up this box of tiny kittens that was found next to a dumpster in the rain. Tune in shortly for intakes on our livestream at

We are still reeling from our loss of Stanley in the darkest hours of the morning, so please bear with us if we are a little extra puffy and emotional during intakes.

People often ask how we are able to pick ourselves up and keep going on after heartbreak, and this is it: We still have so much work to do.

Through that work, together we can change the world for so many little lives. And that’s why we keep doing what we do, even when our hearts are broken, with tears still running down our cheeks and when the odds are stacked against us.

We don’t have many details about the incoming kittens, but will be naming them after flowers in honor of Stanlily.


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