Sweetie Pie – Kittens are Nuts

Apple going absolutely nuts on the Devo right in front of the cam is entertaining enough, but just to make it even more fun, we have Peach on the Contact Rings with her toy. Kittens are silly. Kittens are nuts.

Sweetie Pie was being cared for by a kind man who reached out to Purrfect Pals for assistance. She is 1.5 years old and the kittens were born on September 24th. There are two female kittens and three males.

Huckleberry (M): White front toes, back knee socks/boots, white bib, black face, white chin. 3.14lb
Rhubarb (M): White front toes, short back socks, black face, white belly but less than Huck. 3.0lb
Peach (F): Four white toes, white stripes on back legs, black face. 2.95lb
Meringue (F): Lots of white on face and body, white stripe across base of tail. 2.73lb
Apple (M): White nose, white flare, white shoes on front, white back legs. 3.3lb

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