Fantastical Kittens – Kitten Play and Niffler Growlypants

The kittens are playing, and Niffler has his growlypants on. There’s a bit of cam view switching here, because the main cam view is awesome when we can use it, but mama parks herself in the Colosseum and blocks the view for part of it. I put the opposite cam view in when Niffler follows mama to the fence, so you can see where he went (which is just up to the fence to curl up).

Mama Seraphina & her 4 kittens (3 boys, 1 girl, names TBA) were transferred up from a shelter in Lewis County, WA to the Seattle Humane and then to Purrfect Pals. Seraphina is 1.5 years old and 9 pounds.
Tabby boy: Niffler
Meezer boy: Billywig
Meezer girl: Occamy
Fwooper: Tabby polydactyl. Two extra claws on front paws, one extra on the back, just like Seraphina. Unfortunately, he developed severe breathing issues sometime an hour after arrival which was caused by a diaphragmatic hernia – the only option we had was to help him cross peacefully. For full information, please see the post linked here:

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