Five Guys Kittens – Controlled Descent

Relish is curled up on the edge of the tower, with his favourite Jalapeno pillow, when his back end slips off. Whoops! He manages to catch himself and pull himself back up, but there isn’t really a more secure spot open on TOP of the tower. Sigh. Okay then, a wander across the towers and down to the corner tower again on the ground level.

The Five Guys have bad eye infections and nasal congestion and they all have varying degrees of vision, from both eyes being open to both being closed and stages in between. They’re recovering well, though their eyes still look a little rough and they’re getting regular treatment. Pickles and Peanut will be losing one eye each. One of them may lose both – many photos were taken and the vet/eye specialist is conferring with her colleagues.

Tux with white spot on nose – Peanut
Tux with white chin – Tomato
Gray – Pickles
Tabby – Jalapeno
Black tux (Black face w/small charm & bikini) – Relish

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