Kitten Dorm Cam – Live from Los Angeles

UPDATE: 5/29/2018

Thank you everyone who’s watched and supported us while raising the Star Wars litter!

They are now happy and safe at Kitten Rescue; where they will be fixed (they’re all just mere ounces away from goal weight!) and microchipped and receive their final vaccinations before being available for adoption.

The reason we have returned the kittens a little early to Kitten Rescue is that we have suffered a tragedy in the Kitten Dorm family. Both Catgrandma & Grandpa on Catdad’s side were in a fatal plane crash on May 27th.

Both Catdad & I (Catmom) want to thank everyone who’s been a part of our fostering journey thus far. You all have made this such a fun, enjoyable adventure. We couldn’t have done it without you.

We WILL be returning to foster again, but in this time we need to focus on healing and family. Thank you all for understanding.


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