The ringworm kittens (and their neighbors Rossini, Akito (the lil devil) and Laku

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The ringworm kittens are siblings, born in September 2017.
They was rescued out of a family with many pets and kids. All pets was in bad shape.
The kittens was treatened 10 days in a vet office, but sadly, the vet is not the best. They showed already signs of a fungus, but they was only bathed twice and declared as healed.
They went to a fosterhome, where the fungus flared up again, they also was still flea infested and had the sniffles.
The foster herself and her family catched the fungus too.

I was asked by Dr D (my beloved vet) if I shouldn´t take over, cause she just treatened them and everyone was in a very bad shape. She also mentioned, cause this specific fungus is highly contagious, that they might have ringworms.
The foster herself was overwhelmed with the situation and also not able to put them into quarantine.

So I agreed to take them in and to treat them till they are tested negative.

The kittens are:

panther: Gigi (female)
Siamese-look alike with a bit white and tabby: Amy (female)
grey-tuxido-tabby: Gizmo (male)

Gizmo catched the ringworms very badly. He has several big patches on his paws, nose, ears and other parts of his body.

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