Part 2 – Those Wild and Wacky Persian and Himalayan Kittens

Part 2 – Welcome to our wild and wacky Toddler Room that features three of our litters. First we have Periwinkle’s litter of 5 Himalayan kittens that just turned 8 weeks old. She has three very playful Seal Point girls, one rambunctious Seal Tortie Point girl and one very rambunctious Flame Point boy. Next we have Iris’s litter of all Chocolates who are now 7 weeks old as of today. She has one very cute Chocolate Tortie Point girl, one gorgeous Chocolate Point girl and one adorable rare Red Chocolate boy named Victoriangdn’s Red Chocolate Leone. Last is Holly’s litter of some very rare kittens. She has a Tortie Point girl. We are unsure right now if she is a Seal or Chocolate Tortie. Holly gave us our first Lilac Point Himalayan boy and our first Lilac Persian. Holly’s litter is just 2 weeks old going on 3 weeks tomorrow. Yesterday, we opened up the Toddler Room and took down the fences for Periwinkle and Iris’s kittens. They are having a ball with all the free space. Yesterday we also brought down Holly’s babies from the Nursery. Enjoy these gorgeous kittens as they grow up in the Toddler Room. You can see their photo shoots in the mother’s Nurseries at Victorian Gardens Cattery by going to our website. Enjoy


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